Bug System


Enables support for reading and writing back to GitHub and compatible systems such as GitHub Enterprise. See also the Bugsystems documentation for more information.

Environment Variables



Option Notes
--github-annotations-limit=<int> Max number of GitHub Checks Annotations to attempt
--github-api-url=<url> REST API URL (for GitHub Enterprise)
--github-base-url=<url> Non-REST API URL (for GitHub Enterprise)
--github-repo=<repo> username/repository identifier
--github-status-use-htmlreport=<bool> Use htmlout for Github Status 'Details' link
--github-token=<token> Token used to perform read and write operations

By default, if Apache Yetus is under conditions when it would normally write a Github Status (e.g., Jenkins processing
a GitHub PR using the Github Multibranch Plug-in), the Details will link to the htmlout report rather than
the robot's console after the run is complete. The report file must either be relative to the normal --patch-dir or
be forcibly set using the --html-report-url.

Docker Notes


Developer Notes

All of the command line settings may also be set via internal environment variables. However care must be taken to not step on robots that will also set some of these variables.