Yetus Precommit

The Yetus Precommit Patch Tester allows projects to codify their patch acceptance criteria and then evaluate incoming contributions prior to review by a committer.

For a complete guide to the Precommit API, see the generated API documentation.

Yetus Release Doc Maker

The Release Documentation Maker allows projects to generate nicely formated Markdown Changelogs and Release Notes based upon JIRA. You can view that documenation here.

Yetus Shelldocs

Shelldocs provides generation of html formatted api documentation based on comments on Bash functions. Currently supports documenting API status (public / private) as well as parameters and return values.

See the shelldocs cli help for more information on usage.

$ ./shelldocs/ --help
Usage: --skipprnorep --output OUTFILE --input INFILE [--input INFILE ...]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o OUTFILE, --output=OUTFILE
                        file to create
  -i INFILE, --input=INFILE
                        file to read
  --skipprnorep         Skip Private & Not Replaceable

You can mark a file to be ignored by shelldocs by adding SHELLDOC-IGNORE as a comment in its own line.

Yetus Audience Annotations

Audience Annotations allows you to use Java Annotations to denote which parts of your Java library is publicly consumable and which parts are reserved for a more restricted use. It also provides doclets and examples for generating javadocs limited by audience. You can refer the user documentation here and the javadocs here.