How To Contribute

Submitting Changes

We use git as our version control system. To streamline the process of giving proper credit to the contributors when committing patches, we encourage contributors to submit patches generated using git format-patch. This has many benefits:

Long story short, it makes both the contributors' and committers' lives easier, so please generate your patches using git format-patch.

Here are some instructions on how to generate patches:

The naming of the patch should be in (JIRA).(patch number).patch or, if it needs to apply to a specific branch, (JIRA).(branch name).(patch number).patch format. For example, YETUS-9.00.patch, YETUS-500.02.patch, or YETUS-23.cmake.11.patch. This way, if you need to upload another version of the patch, you should keep the file name the same and JIRA will sort them according to date/time if multiple files have the same name. This feature is also useful to traceback the history of a patch and roll-back to an earlier version if needed.

Task Specific Guidance

Below are guides meant to give you help accomplishing specific tasks for the project: