GitHub Status Recovery

Problem Statement

For CI systems that use GitHub outside of GitHub Actions, they may make available a GitHub Checks token.
Unfortunately, as of this writing (2020-10-30), GitHub sets the expiry of such a token to 1 hour.
For some users of Apache Yetus, their precommit job may take longer than one hour. In order to workaround
this limitation, the github-status-recovery program may be used.


The usage is relatively simple:

$ github-status-recovery --patch-dir=<pre-existing patch directory> --github-token=<token>

If the previous run of test-patch failed to write the status, github-status-recovery will
re-process the saved JSON files as well as write GitHub Checks Annotations if they exist.

Disabling Annotations

If for some reason you do not wish annotations to be written, they may be disabled with --github-annotations=false.