Robots: Buildkite


The recommended configuration is to have Apache Yetus installed on the host running the build agent.

If buildkite-agent is available and working, then artifacts will be automatically uploaded and an
annotation added to the build console if buildkiteannotate bugsystem is enabled.
If ${ARTIFACTS_PATH} is configured, then --patch-dir is set to the first listed directory path
with a /yetus suffix. However, links to the location logs must still be configured manually.

Buildkite Annotations

If precommit is running in a mode such that buildkite-agent isn't available (e.g., using the Apache Yetus container image)
the buildkite-annotation-recovery tool may be used to send the annotations and artifacts to Buildkite:

The usage is simple:

$ buildkite-recovery --patch-dir=<pre-existing patch directory>

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