Robots: Travis CI


Travis CI support will update the local checked out source repository to include references to all branches and tags

If ${ARTIFACTS_PATH} is configured, then --patch-dir is set to the first listed directory path. However, links to the location logs must still be configured manually.

Personalities will override the auto-detected Github repository information. It may be necessary to manually configure it in your .travis.yml file.

As of this writing, it is not possible to make the Travis CI build environment use the Apache Yetus pre-built docker
images without using docker run in the before_install phase. Therefore, using the image is the same as described
in the Apache Yetus Docker Hub Images page.

NOTE: As of this writing (2020-10-31), Travis CI does not support Docker BuildKit.  It is disabled by default.
Also, docker build logs are automatically sent to a file due to the Travis CI logging limits.

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