Apache Yetus 0.10.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover new developer and user-facing incompatibilities, important issues, features, and major improvements.

Support for ruby-lint has been removed as the tool is no longer supported. Instead, use rubocop.

For developers, the various yetus_*_entry routines have been removed form yetuslib. There were a lot of issues with duplicate names and other problems that really made them hard to use. All of those routines and the variables that used them have been replaced with equivalent routines and variables that are array-based.

releasedocmaker now has a --empty flag to allow the creation of release notes when there are no JIRAs assigned to a version.

The --github-token option has been removed from precommit. (Github has removed support private token support from Github and Github Enterprise.)

Precommit now has some preliminary support for Semaphore CI.

Precommit now has some preliminary support for Azure Pipelines. Note that artifact links and Docker are unsupported.

Previously, if the findbugs plug-in was given a parent module with no source code but children modules did have source code, findbugs would ignore the whole directory. This has been fixed such that all reports generated by children of a parent module are merged and generated as a report of the parent.

Precommit now includes specific support for SpotBugs. Note that only one of FindBugs or SpotBugs may be enabled. By default, SpotBugs will disable FindBugs automatically. To specifically pick one or the other, use the --plugins control. For example:


will disable FindBugs whereas


will disable SpotBugs.

The SpotBugs plug-in requires the SPOTBUGS_HOME environment variable to be defined. It should point to the location where SpotBugs has been installed.

precommit will now attempt to try both forms of git patches (binary format-patch and ASCII git diff) when working with Github PRs or Gitlab MRs. It will prefer the format-patch style due to accuracy, but will fallback to diff style if the former does not apply successfully.