Apache Yetus 0.12.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover new developer and user-facing incompatibilities, important issues, features, and major improvements.

When configured to use emoji for plugin votes when posting feedback to GitHub, Yetus now ensures that those emojis have different shapes to designate meaning instead of just color differences.

This change should allow users who have color-blindness to differentiate between meanings while scanning the result column.

Adds a function add_docker_build_arg taking a key or key and value to export to the Docker build via --build-arg

Gradle support has been modified to support modern gradle layouts. As such, this is an incompatible change for gradle. Bootstrapping gradle is no longer supported; gradlew is expected to be there. Patches that wish to upgrade gradle are now expected to just be a patch against the gradle components in the repo.

This patch alters report_jvm_version to extract JVM vendor and version information from Java system properties. It now returns a string that is the concatenation of verdor and runtime versions.

Many of the versions of tools in the bundled Dockerfile have been upgraded. Note that the configuration for those binaries may or may not be backward compatible.

Also, the default the 'pylint' binary in the bundled Dockerfile has been switched to pylint3 to reflect that cpython version 2 is no longer supported upstream. Setting --pylint=pylint2 on the test-patch command line will use the older version of pylint, similar to previous releases.