Apache Yetus 0.5.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover new developer and user-facing incompatibilities, important issues, features, and major improvements.

Users of Apache Yetus Test Patch who wish to run the findbugs check on all changed modules rather than just those that have changed source files can now pass --findbugs-skip-maven-source-check.

We have removed testing of the maven-eclipse plugin as it has been deprecated for several years now.

This patch switches the default image over to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, OpenJDK 8, and Ruby 2.3.

The output of Test Patch now includes headers that break up the vote table according to whether a given check is done before looking at the code repo (a precheck), after looking at the code repo but before applying the proposed patch (a branch check), or after applying the proposed patch (a patch check).

Apache Yetus now requires that Github pull requests on the command line have the prefix GH: prefix. This makes it consistent with other bug systems.

Adds a new top level command docker-cleanup.

docker-cleanup is a command to perform precommit’s Docker cleanup functionality outside of patch and build testing.

see docs for more detail