Apache Yetus 0.8.0 Release Notes

These release notes cover new developer and user-facing incompatibilities, important issues, features, and major improvements.

The pathlen plugin has been added to precommit to flag file paths that are over a certain length (default is 240 characters). This is to help projects that build on file systems such as FAT32 that have severe limits on such paths.

As a follow on to the work done in renaming CHANGES to CHANGELOG, the releasedocmaker readme/index files now expects the CHANGELOG when building.

Support JIRA authentication in case of a 401 Unauthorized error

The default maven repo when:

has been moved from the home directory to the workspace.

In addition to fixing issues with Docker containers not creating certain reports if the files didn't previous exist, the brief report mode has had some internal and external code cleanup to make it consistent. As a result, the plugin is now called as 'briefreport' instead of 'brieftext'.

Apache Yetus will no longer process patches that have filenames or directories that only differ by case.

test-patch now supports the 'GHSHA:' string to use a way to locate the GitHub pull request to use. This allows for various continuous integration systems that only expose the SHA rather than the pull request number ('GH:') to be used with test-patch.